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Toolkit for Helmet Promotion Programs

Summary: References and resources for promoting helmets. The materials are also available on paper--see below

Materials on Paper and DVD

We have a Toolkit for Helmet Promotion Programs that includes some of the materials above on paper. Here is the file we print out to send you the Toolkit. It also includes duplicating masters of our pamphlets and other handout materials. There is a CD with the program manual, a California manual and the rodeo guide described above. And finally, we include four DVD's with the three DOT bike helmet and safety videos and four other helmet safety videos. We send the Toolkit to you free, and you are welcome to duplicate any of the materials for school, police or any other non-profit use by a non-profit organization. (For-profits please check with us, except for local bike shops, who are encouraged to duplicate and hand out any of our materials.) Just email us. Be sure to give us a postal mailing address if you want the Toolkit! We can usually get it in the mail to you within 24 hours, but if you need it sooner there are links to all of the materials here on this page. Here is more on requesting our materials, and here is a page with the contents of the Toolkit and a link to the pdf file if you can't wait for snail mail.

COVID-19 Note: we quarantine all our incoming mail for at least two days and would recommend that you do that too if we send you anything. That's an added incentive to downloading the materials.

Other Sites

  • Here is our Links Page for helmet program sites beyond those mentioned below.

  • The US Department of Transportation has a Bicycle Safer Journey site: with videos, curricula, lesson plans, quizzes, and just about everything you need for classroom instruction of basic bicycle safety, including helmets. Spanish materials included. Links to other sites for more curricula. Not a helmet-specific site, but by far the best thing DOT has ever produced. We can send you their videos on disk if downloading from YouTube doesn't work for you.

  • Mackinac Island Community Helmet project. A unique approach to community helmet promotion.

  • How Not to Get Hit by Cars is a useful way to approach bicycle safety, emphasizing that "wearing a helmet will do absolutely nothing to prevent you from getting hit by a car."

  • Rad Rider is the best graphics-based helmet site on the web. It has a 20-page comic book with super hero, chase scenes, violence, and stuff that scrolls, spins, morphs and moves all over the screen -- all putting across a safety and helmet theme. Plus a quiz you take on line and get feedback on correct answers.

  • We have some other helmet promotion sites on our Links Page that you may find useful.

  • For a much broader range of bicycle safety information than the helmet material we have here, don't miss the PedBike Info site for a full range of bike info including education resources and teaching materials.
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