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Some More Expensive Pamphlets

  • I'm Safe has I'm Safe! On My Bike theme materials in the form of color comic-style activity books, sticker books, award certificates, banners, bookmarks, crayons, bike tattoos, a DVD, goodie bags, paint sheets, posters, teacher kits and more. Some are also available in Spanish or a bilingual version. Costs start at about $1.67 each for the activity books including shipping, with a 50 book minimum order. We have not seen their books so don't know if they are well written or not.

  • From A to Z by Bike is a nice comic book. It is colorful, well done, has helmets on everybody except a Draysienne rider from the 1800's on the cover (he has a hat) and some riders on the "What's wrong with this picture" page. The comic runs through the alphabet of bike safety in 31 pages. It was sponsored by NHTSA/DOT and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. It was available from AMC Media as a comic book, but we can't find them on the web any more.

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