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Canadian Resources for Helmet Promotion

Summary: Here are some Canadian helmet promotion resources. Our stuff is US-oriented.

  • The best source for Canadian bicycle helmet promotion resoures that we have seen was Capital Health in Edmonton. They have morphed into the Alberta Health Services site, and most of their materials are down. But you may be able to still find some of them with this search of the old site. They once had a Helmet Resource Kit that may reappear some day. It had a very well thought-out list of everything you need to take along for a promotion session. And they had a page on "Bike Helmet vs. Hockey Helmet: What's the Difference?

    They once had a Canadian source for the jello brain molds, and a Swedish helmet manufacturer who had the egg helmets that are difficult to find now.

    Since the Capital Health site is definitively closed, try a site search on their newer Saskatchewan Cycling Association has a page on bicycle vs. hockey helmets.

  • You may be interested in this description of the Canadian child bike helmet standard.

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