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Canadian Resources for Helmet Promotion

Summary: Here are some Canadian helmet promotion resources. Our other stuff is US-oriented. unfortunately the links below are to dated resources, and a web search should bring you fresher pages.

In years past the best source for Canadian bicycle helmet promotion resources that we have seen was Capital Health in Edmonton. They have morphed into the Alberta Health Services site, and most of their materials are down. But you may be able to still find some of them. Here is a page titled Bike Helmet vs. Hockey Helmet: "What's the difference?" on the Wayback Machine page from the old site. Here is their helmet promotion resource kit. It includes a very well thought-out list of everything you need to take along for a promotion session. And here is their report on an observational study of helmet wearing rates, the gold standard in estimating how many riders wore helmets in those days.

They once had a Canadian source for the jello brain molds, and a Swedish helmet manufacturer who had the egg helmets that are difficult to find now. Here is the web.archive.org page with all of their helmet resources.

The Saskatchewan Cycling Association produced this page on bicycle vs. hockey helmets.

You may be interested in this description of the Canadian child bike helmet standard.

And here is our page on Quebec's rejection of a helmet law back in 1997.

This article on Bicycle Helmet Use in British Columbia: Effects of the Helmet Use Law was published in January of 2000.

This 2008 article in Pediatrics is about results of Ontario's helmet law. "CONCLUSIONS. The bicycle-related mortality rate in children 1 to 15 years of age has decreased significantly, which may be attributable in part to helmet legislation. A similar reduction for bicyclists 16 years of age through adulthood was not identified. These findings support promotion of helmet use, enforcement of the existing law, and extension of the law to adult bicyclists."

A 2007 article titled Head first: Bicycle-helmet use and our children's safety (August 2007 Canadian family physician Medecin de famille canadien 53(7):1131-2, 1136-7, Keezer et al.) reviews Canadian injury and helmet use stats, as well as the effect of mandatory helmet laws. The authors conclude that legislation is called for in the remaining provinces who do not have laws.

This 2016 article titled Challenges in the Accurate Surveillance of Booster Seat and Bicycle Helmet Usage by Children: Lessons from the Field appeared in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. The four authors are based in Winnipeg.