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Helmet Materials in Spanish and French

Summary: Latino communities all over the US are reportedly lagging behind in bicycle helmet use. Disproportionate numbers of Latinos are being killed and injured in traffic, both on bicycles and while walking. Here are the sources of Spanish program materials that we are aware of. There must be more available than this, so a Google search is advisable.

New York City

By far the best and most advanced advice for city riders we have seen in Spanish is the New York City BikeSmart Brochure. It covers bike lanes, interacting with cars in specific situations, bike parking, helmets and helmet fitting. Some sections are specific to New York City, of course, but this one is a winner.

US Dept of Transportation

The Federal Highway Administration has a big list of posters, pamphlets and other materials for Latino audiences. They even have online forms for ordering, and everything is free. They also have a page with links to a marketing plan for reaching Latino audiences.

Another DOT division, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a page on materials for latino audiences in Spanish. They also have a page where you can order other materials. You can download brochures: And a Spanish video called Ajuste del casco de bicicleta. We have that one, and can send it to you on a DVD for showing to classes or larger audiences. We include it in our Toolkit for Helmet Promotion Programs, or can send it separately. Just send us an email if you need it. There is no charge for any of our materials. We also send a copy of the NHTSA fitting video, and have it on our site.

In addition, NHTSA has a Bicycle Safety Activity Kit. It has activities for children from 4 to 7 and for those from 8 to 11 years old. All on line for downloading when the links work. Includes coloring pages, connect-the-dots, word find, crossword, word scramble and more, with nice color graphics if your printer can handle them. All in Spanish. We also have their Flash Cards in Spanish on our website for printing out.


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has a bike safety page in Spanish with some elementary materials. You can order copies of CPSC materials on the GPO website. We can't find their page on Which Helmet for Which Activity in Spanish any more, but it hopefully it will return some day. There was a link from the top of the English page, but it is not working now.


Bike Texas has educational materials including a curriculum for training students in 15 lessons that they call the SafeCyclist Curriculum. Their materials are all in English and Spanish.

Phoenix Children's Hospital

There are Spanish language versions of various helmet campaign materials you can purchase from the Phoenix Children's Hospital/Maricopa County Safe Kids campaign. Some of their materials, including this "Porte el Casco - Evita el Fiasco" stickers, are available in Spanish. Spanish sticker

Snell Memorial Foundation

The Snell Safety Education Center has a full color pamphlet in Spanish. They ask for a small donation ($2.50 for 50, or $20 for 500). You can contact them through their website or by postal mail to

Snell Safety Education Center
3628 Madison Avenue, Suite 11
North Highlands, CA 95660

You can also call them. Their telephone number is (916) 331-5073. Or you can send them email at info@smf.org.

Safe Kids

Safe Kids International has brochures in .pdf format in Spanish.

American Automobile Association

AAA has Bike Basics in Spanish and a helmet safety tip bookmark in English/Spanish. They should be available, usually free, from your local AAA club.


See the top of this page for info on the NHTSA Spanish language video.

The University of California Series: The Bicycle Zone (Elementary), Pedal Smarts (High School/Middle School), and Getting There By Bike (High School/Adult) All three videos are available in English and Spanish. Each is accompanied with a study guide. Available through Transit Media, 22-D Hollywood Ave, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423. Telephone: 201-652-1989.

A Kids Eye View A short video that appears as a bonus on the League of American Bicyclists DVD called Enjoy the Ride. $32 from the LAB website. We have not seen it.

If you have another source of Spanish language materials for bike safety or helmet safety programs, please send us an email! We think this list is far too short, so you will need to do another Google search.