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Bicycle Helmet Safety Song

Summary: Here is a song about bicycle helmet safety. We don't have copies of it at BHSI. You can find it on the Web at this link, or it is available on one of Jim Moore's albums and can be purchased in .mp3 format at the same link for 99 cents.

Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011

From: Jim Moore

Subject: Bicycle Helmet Safety Song

Several years ago I was invited to The White House to perform for President and Mrs Bush and other guests. While there, Mrs Bush asked me to visit the Washington National Hospital. During my visit, I met a journalist that had been hit by a car while riding his bicycle. He informed me that the only thing that saved his life was his helmet. During my visit at the hospital several physicians there were familiar with my work as a songwriter and challenged me to write a song that focused on bicycle helmets. They asked me to include proper fit, reason for wearing it, and make it fun. I took all of the materials they gave to me and they wound up in boxes of things I accumulated while being on tour.

I couldn't resist the challenge and the resulting song "Better Wear a Helmet" wound up on my album "Uncaged". The song has since become an anthem for many bicycle safety programs around the world. If you can, please use this song to help educate bike riders about the importance of wearing a helmet while enjoying biking. Here is a link to the song.

I've been a biking enthusiast now for over 2 years now and enjoy riding daily. I hope that in some way my song will help those who teach bike safety. I have also created a RingTone for cell phones with an edited version of the song. It is available as a free download on my website store: http://www.theanimalband.com/?page_id=4 then type in the word helmet in the Redeem box and the download for the RingTone is free.


Jim Moore

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