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BHSI Publications

Summary: What we publish and how to get our materials. Everything we have on paper is also available on the web. All are free.


BHSI produces a number of pamphlets. We can send duplicating masters out to you by mail, or you can download the file from the web and print them out yourself. Most of them are serious, wordy, and designed for people who are interested in reading something comprehensive about the subject.


These are printed on a letter-sized sheet and folded twice.

Flat sheets

These are all .pdf files. All are available as .pdf files or as Word files, formatted to print out on both sides of a letter-sized sheet of paper. We have a page of download instructions. If you want us to send you the duplicating masters on paper, please send us an email.

Email Newsletter

BHSI has a periodic email newsletter devoted to new developments in bicycle helmets, helmet standards, laws and promotion campaigns. We normally send you a short one-pager, with links to more detailed info on the website. The newsletter is free.

Helmet Standard Comparison

BHSI's Helmet Standards Comparison is a technical study comparing fifteen international bicycle helmet standards and draft standards. The study provides an item-by-item comparison of more than 25 points covered by each standard. It is intended primarily as an aid to standards committees

Helmet Workshop

Our current Helmet Workshop writeup is titled "The Ten Most-Asked Questions About Bicycle Helmets." We also have this outline for a Train the Trainer workshop for helmet fitters.

Toolkit for helmet promotion campaigns

This package of helpful materials for helmet campaigns is a compendium of information from various sources. We send a lot of these to teachers, teaching assistants, scout leaders, church leaders, police, firefighters, EMT's, nurses and anybody else who is organizing a helmet campaign. It's free.

Other Materials Available Here

You will also find available here miscellaneous materials we produce such as: