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Expert Witnesses

We list below in alphabetical order some people we understand to be currently serving as expert witnesses in bicycle helmet cases. They may or may not be real experts, and we are not able to recommend them or vouch for them in any way.

      John S. Allen
      Consultant and Expert Witness on Bicycling
      7 University Park
      Waltham, MA 02154-15123
      email: witness@bikexprt.com
      Web http://bikexprt.com/witness/index.htm

      John Forester, M.S., P.E.
      Cycling Transportation Engineer
      Consulting Engineer, Expert Witness & Educator in Effective Cycling, Bicycles, Highways & Bikeways, Traffic Laws 7585 Church St.
      Lemon Grove, CA 91945-2306
      Phone: 619-644-5481
      email: forester@johnforester.com
      Web: www.johnforester.com

      P. David Halstead
      Chairman, ASTM F08.53 Headgear SubCommittee.
      (Responsible for ASTM helmet standards.)
      and Professor, U. of Kentucky
      Southern Impact Research Center, LLC
      1817 Ailor Avenue
      Knoxville, TN 37921
      Phone 865-523-1662
      Fax 865-523-1233
      email: sirc@soimpact.com
      Web: www.soimpact.com

      Biokinetics and Associates
      2470 Don Reid Drive
      Ottawa, Ontario K1H 8P5
      Phone (613) 736-0384,
      (613) 736-0990.

      John Schubert
      Limeport Marketing Group
      5996 Beverly Hills Road
      Coopersburg, PA 18036
      Telephone (610) 282-3085
      Fax (610) 282-2432
      email: Schubley@aol.com.

      Gunter Siegmund, PhD, PEng
      Director of Research, Senior Engineer
      MEA Forensic
      604 277 3040
      Direct: 604 277 3659

      Terry Smith, Ph.D.
      Dynamic Research, Inc.
      355 Van Ness Avenue
      Torrance, CA 90501
      Tel: 310-212-5211
      Fax: 310-212-5046

      David R. Thom
      Collision and Injury Dynamics, Inc.
      149 Sheldon Street
      El Segundo, CA 90245
      Phone 310-414-0449
      Fax 310-414-9490

      Andrew H. Tudor, P.E.
      Meridian One, Inc.
      1339 Plymouth Lane
      Glenview, Illinois 60025
      email: atudor@meridianonece.com
      Web: www.meridianonece.com

      Jesse L. Wobrock, Ph.D.
      ACTAR #1594
      President/Senior Engineer
      Accident Reconstruction & Biomechanics, Inc.
      Forensic Animations
      Phone: 800-587-4858
      Fax: 800-587-2848

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