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The Helmet Update

Volume 41 - #1 - January 20, 2023

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CPSC announces recall of Sakar International skate-style helmets.

CPSC has announced that Sakar International skate-style helmets have been recalled. "The recalled helmets do not comply with the positional stability and retention system requirements of the U.S. CPSC federal safety standard for bicycle helmets." That means that the straps could not be adjusted well enough to keep the helmets on a test headform, or failed the strength test. The models are: Tony Hawk (second recall--see below), Credhedz Lizard and Crayola Dry Erase.

About 33,100 of the helmets were sold at Big Lots, Ollies Bargain Outlet and other stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com from November 2020 through October 2022 for about $30. The Lizard helmet has a large lizard-shaped toy attached on the top. The Crayola Dry Erase helmet comes with a set of dry erase markers. They were made in China. There are lot numbers inside the helmets, and the ones included in the recall are on the CPSC site.

Note that CPSC announced on July 14, 2022 that Sakar International's Tony Hawk Silver Metallic skate-style model has been recalled for retention system failure. About 12,655 of those units were sold exclusively at Walmart. Some were sent to owners of the Sakar International Dimensions Bluetooth Speaker helmets that were recalled in March 2022.

Consumers should contact Sakar International at 800-592-9541 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. ET, email at support@sakar.com, or online at https://www.vivitar.com/pages/recalls or www.vivitar.com and click on “Recalls” at the bottom of the page. Note that as of January 20, 2023 there was no mention of this recall or the previous two recalls on the sakar.com home page.
Details on the CPSC site.