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The Helmet Update

Volume 40 - #2 - March 24, 2022

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CPSC announces recall of Dimensions and Segway Ninebot helmets.

CPSC announced two helmet recalls on March 24, 2022. The first is for 89,000 Dimensions Bluetooth Speaker helmets produced for Sakar International in China by an unspecified supplier or suppliers and sold exclusively at Walmart. The helmet is a black skate-style model with small rectangular vents. The white label on the inside of the helmet contains the Item # ACTGEAR-238BTS in the bottom left corner. The recall notice says only that they do not meet the CPSC standard, usually signifying that they failed impact tests and the liner may be too thin or too dense. Sakar International has a place marker for a website that says "Sakar.com is Coming Soon!". The recall notice says to contact Sakar for instructions on receiving a free replacement helmet. Walmart will contact all known purchasers. Details are here on the CPSC site.

The second recall is for Ninebot children's bicycle helmets from Segway. They are skate-style helmets with long rectangular slit vents, and an orange and white exterior. They are size extra-small (XS) fitting heads 19.5 inches to 21.5 inches (49 to 55cm). Model NB-410 is printed on a label on the inside of the helmet. The batch code and date are on a separate label inside the helmet. Only helmets with batch code SN4500056024 and dated August 2020 are included in the recall. The recall notice says they failed the retention system test, usually either a buckle failure or strap anchor failure. Only about 960 of the helmets were sold. They were manufactured for Segway by GuangZhou NOW Sports Gear Co. Ltd., of China. Details are on the CPSC site. The Segway site has nothing yet on the recall and has the helmet at $49 listed as "out of stock." Segway is asking consumers to return the helmets for a full refund.