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Welcome to the BHSI Media Room!

Summary: Our Media Policy in a Word: Relaxed

To editors and content creators:

You are free to quote original material from this site for publication in newspapers and magazines. That's what cut-and-paste is all about! This does not apply to material from other sources where we include copyright information for them. Otherwise all of our pages are copyrighted by BHSI, and you have permission to use them verbatim.

We have a current issue quote page to provide you with quotes on current hot topics if your deadline is pressing. Please attribute all quotes to "Randy Swart, Director of the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute." We don't mind "quotes" from the web page--they seem to come out as accurately as any other quotes. If you have time, you are welcome to call us at 703-486-0100 and press 1 and # when the message starts going to speak to the live Randy Swart.

We also have a page of Briefs on new developments that you may find useful. In fact, it may be worth checking periodically.

Looking for Stats?

We have all the numbers we have been able to find on helmets and injuries on our Statistics Page.

Looking for photos you can use?

That's always a challenge. See our page on Graphics and Clip Art for whatever we have been able to find.

And to Webmasters or Intranet Masters:

Links to us are always ok, and you don't have to ask permission. The configuration of our web page files is usually very stable, and we do try to make sure that even if we change something there is a referral page there when people connect, so links to us are not likely to go stale.

You are welcome to lift text from our page and paste it into your own pages, as long as you are not charging a fee for access to the information. That makes you responsible for your editing and your updating. Please do not reproduce any of our pages on your site as ours, since we have to be able to update and improve our stuff and we do that constantly.

Please feel free to contact us for whatever you need!

Randy Swart
Executive Director