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Helmet laws for electric bikes

Summary: States are adopting electric bike classification and rules laws that sometimes include helmet requirements for all ebike riders or for Class 3 (28 MPH maximum speed) riders.

The model ebike legislation being promoted to states by PeopleForBikes and the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association includes a provision for mandatory helmet use for all riders of Class 3 ebikes, the pedal assist bikes capable of up to 28 MPH. The list below is compiled from the PeopleForBikes fact sheets on each state. Class 1 ebikes are pedal assist bikes capable of no more than 20 MPH, and Class 2 ebikes are throttle-controlled with the same maximum speed.

Note: Some states in the list below have bicycle helmet laws that apply to ebikes, and many localities do. We have a page listing those laws. We have included the state requirements for all bicycles including ebikes below. For a list that excludes regular bike helmet laws, see this PeopleForBikes spreadsheet. They have additional detail on the ebike laws. Most ebike laws requiring helmets for riders also cover passengers.

AlabamaAll classes, all ages
AlaskaLocal bike requirements only
ArizonaLocal bike requirements only
ArkansasClass 3 riders under 21 years old
CaliforniaClass 1&2, under 18. Class 3, all ages
ColoradoClass 3, under 21
ConnecticutClass 1 & 2, under 16. Class 3, all ages
DelawareAll classes, under 18
District of Columbia - Washington DCAll classes, under 16
FloridaAll classes, under 16
GeorgiaClass 1 & 2, under 16. Class 3, all ages
HawaiiAll classes, under 16
IdahoNo requirement
IllinoisLocal bike requirements only
IndianaClass 3 under 18
IowaNo requirement
KansasLocal bike requirements only
KentuckyLocal bike requirements only
LouisanaClass 3, all ages
MaineAll classes, under 16
MarylandAll classes, under 16
MassachusettsAll classes, all ages
MichiganClass 1 & 2 local bike requirements. Class 3, under 16
MinnesotaNo requirement
MississippiLocal bike requirements only
MissouriLocal bike requirements only
MontanaLocal bike requirements only
NebraskaNo requirement
NevadaLocal bike requirements only
New HampshireClass 1 & 2, under 16. Class 3, under 18
New JerseyAll classes, under 17
New MexicoMoped law, all classes, under 18
New YorkClass 1 and 2, state and local bike helmet laws
North CarolinaAll classes, under 16
North Dakota"Motorized Bicycles" No requirement
OhioClass 1 & 2, local requirements. Class 3, all ages
OklahomaAll classes, local requirements only
OregonAll classes, under 16
PennyslvaniaAll classes, under 12
Rhode IslandAll classes, under 16
South CarolinaNo requirement
South DakotaNo requirement
TennesseeClass 1 & 2, under 16. Class 3, all ages
TexasAll classes, local requirements only
UtahNo requirement
VermontNo requirement
VirginiaClass 1 & 2, local requirements. Class 3, all ages
Washington StateAll classes, local requirements only
West VirginiaClass 1 and 3, under 15 plus local requirements
WisconsinLocal requirements only
WyomingNo requirement

Here is our page on
local and state bike helmet laws.

We have a page on ebike helmets with more information on them.
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