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Some Online Bicycle Safety Videos and PSA's

Summary: Here are the bike safety videos and PSA's on the web that you can download. If you find others, please email us. The newest are on YouTube, but some of them are terrible. We have another page with classroom quality DVDs, some that we can send you free.

Our Current Favorites

DOT Videos

Email us if you need the DOT videos on DVD. As noted, the web versions are low resolution.

Other Sources

YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube and Vimeo have lots of videos, and new ones appear every day, so we can't keep up with them. Here are a few of them:

Note: YouTube videos are all over the map. We have seen at least one "how to" helmet fit video where the host's helmet has a very loose strap, so you have to watch carefully. In that one, all the helmets are from the same manufacturer, too.

And more from other sources:

More on StreetFilms

StreetFilms has short films about bicycling and pedestrian issues. We did not find any helmet videos when we looked, but there were lots of others. The link is for their YouTube account.

Let us know if you find anything really good!