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Volume 42 - #2 - January 5, 2024

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Sweden's Hövding air bag headgear company folds

The Swedish company that was producing airbag bike headgear has folded. The Swedish Consumer Protection Agency ordered Hovding to recall their third generation airbag on December 15. Hovding contested the order in court, and won an injunction on December 23 lifting the sales freeze until the case was decided. Then on that day Hovding filed for bankruptcy, saying that given the finding of the Swedish Consumer Protection Agency they would not be a viable company any longer. They disclaim all responsibility for the recall even if the courts decide in favor of the government agency.

A statement on the Hövding site said: "The reason for the bankruptcy filing is that on November 1, 2023, the Swedish Consumer Agency imposed a temporary sales freeze on the company and then on December 15, 2023 announced a permanent sales freeze and recall for the product Hövding 3." Hövding has contested the recall order in court, and "The administrative court has inhibited the Swedish Consumer Agency’s decision and it is therefore not the responsibility of Hövding Sverige AB to take back any products. Regardless of the outcome of the court process, the bankruptcy administration will not be able to accept any complaints, withdrawals or warranty cases."

So there will be no recall, no refunds and no more customer service. Hövding has left its customers holding the airbag.

We have more on Hovding on our airbag page.