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The Helmet Update

Volume 41 - #7 -August 29, 2023

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CPSC helmet recalls are evolving

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a new tactic to inform consumers of dangerous products. Their traditional recalls do not fit well with online retailing, where sellers are sometimes identified only by a Hotmail address. And some sellers have been refusing to participate in a recall where they have to offer a refund. So when a product fails CPSC testing they now issue a media warning, without the participation of the importer or seller.

CPSC issued two such warnings in July for helmets from Xinerter and SQM that failed their testing. Both were sold only on Amazon. Another warning was issued for helmets from TureClos in March. They joined traditional recalls this year for helmets from ECNUP, Sound Around, Renegade, Hurtle, Giro, Ventura, Lucky (sold at Walmart), JBM and Ouwoer Kids.

Some of the recalls involve a very small number of helmets. The ECNUP recall was for approximately 215 units. It is not possible to estimate the number of cheap helmets on Amazon that do not meet the Federal standard. So BHSI has not been sending individual Updates in most of these cases. You can see them all on our Recalls Page at https://helmets.org/recalls.htm

We applaud CPSC for taking the initiative to update their recall and warning procedures to meet current retail conditions and refusal of manufacturers to participate. Online retailers should not be allowed to sell safety products that fail to meet standards.