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The Helmet Update

Volume 39 - #1 - February 24, 2021

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Bee Free brand helmets recalled

Summary: The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of size small Bee Free child/toddler helmets sold in the US. Only the small size is included in the recall.

The size small Bee Free helmets were advertised for children from 2 years on up, but failed to meet the requirements for helmets for children under age 5. That standard requires impact performance with a lower rear test line than helmets for older riders.

Bee Free is a line of helmets and kick scooters from SmartPool - SPQ Brands. Both helmets and scooters are bright yellow. The helmets are classic skate-style models with small round vents, manufactured by Shenzhen Haochen Industrial Co. Ltd., of China. Bee Free helmet photo Only the size small helmets are being recalled, marked inside with an S label and as Model RPBFHYS. About 480 of the helmets were sold by Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart from May 2020 through January 2021 for about $16. The larger Medium size is still on the Home Depot site today for $20.40.

No incidents or injuries have been reported. SPQ Brands is said to be offering a refund, although we did not find the information today on their Bee Free products helmet page. We did find this recall page with a Google search, and finally found a link to it on the helmet page under Product Specs if you click on the + expansion link. The page says "This is not a defect in the helmet but an unintentional misstatement of the appropriate age range. The recall only affects size small helmets purchased on or before January 15, 2021. If the helmet is being used for a child of at least 5 years of age, then this notification does not apply."

Here is the CPSC recall information page until they change the link.