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Volume 38 - #3 - August 12, 2020

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Sweet Protection recalls Ripper models made for Europe

Summary: The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced today that Action Brands has recalled its Sweet Protection Ripper models mistakenly sold in the US but designed for the European market and meeting only EN1078, not the US CPSC standard.

Here are the recall details from the CPSC site:

"This recall involves Active Brand AS Sweet Protection-branded Ripper Jr., Ripper MIPS Jr. and Ripper MIPS bicycle helmets. The Ripper Jr. and Ripper MIPS Jr. helmets were sold in one size, fitting head circumference from 48 cm to 53 cm (18.9 to 20.9 inches). The Ripper MIPS helmet was sold in one size, fitting head circumference from 53 cm to 61 cm (20.9 to 24.0 inches). The helmets were sold in matte colors: black, white, blue, gray, green, pink and purple. "Sweet Protection" is printed on the side of the helmets. All helmets have the manufacturing date printed inside the helmet with 2019 as the production year and a number between 9 and 12 as the production month. The model name is printed on a label on the rear back side of the helmet. The bicycle helmets are tested and certified according to the European standard for bicycle helmets, EN1078 and were only meant to be sold in the European market."

CPSC also has photos of the helmets. Sweet Protection was founded in Norway. According to the Sweet Protection site the recalled Rippers would seem lighter and thinner than a US model. The home page delivered to US browsers lists a number of models that meet the CPSC standard, but the Ripper writeup lists only the EN1078 standard. The Ripper model retails for $59, making it Sweet Protection's entry level helmet. The recalled MIPS version is $30 more.

When the links above stop working you can find details on our Recalls page.

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