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The Helmet Update

Volume 38 - #2 - April 11, 2020

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Consumer Reports ratings and Cleaning Helmets for COVID=19

Consumer Reports Publishes New Ratings

Consumer Reports has new bicycle helmet ratings on the website. They give Excellent impact protection ratings to 22 models, with most of the remaining ones scoring Very Good. They recommended 15 models. Of those they scored four at the top of the ratings, including three MIPS models and one without MIPS. They describe MIPS as "a promising technology designed to reduce the risk of concussion." The Morpher Flat Folding Helmet and Woom Kids Helmet failed impact tests.

The highest overall scores are for the Giro Register MIPS, Kali Alchemy, Bontrager Circuit MIPS and Bell Stratus MIPS.

Our full review is on the website.

Our Helmet Ratings page for the short list of helmets with the highest Consumer Reports rating for impact protection and also scoring best on the Virginia Tech STAR concussion ratings is here.

See this link for reviews of Consumer Reports articles in subsequent years.

Methods for eliminating COVID-19 virus in helmets

We have a new page up on how to eliminate coronavirus in helmets.

We tried the recommended bleach solution on two helmets and have photos of the results. Although the helmets were not apparently damaged, we recommend just leaving them on a shelf for three days as the best way.
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