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The Helmet Update

Volume 36, #7, October 1, 2018

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Lazer recalls four helmet models

The Belgian company Lazer (owned by Shimano) has issued a recall for its Blade, Magma, Elle and Jade bicycle helmets sold since January 2015. The helmets have a model sticker inside saying "Model LZB-08"

Two German bike magazines (Mountainbike and RoadBIKE) reported in their April 2018 issues strap failures of the European version, with straps pulling out of the shell during the rolloff (stability) test. The Lazer recall notice was issued six months later.

The helmets have CEN or CPSC stickers inside, but do not meet the strap strength requirements of the standard, and strap anchors can pull out during testing. Lazer says they are not aware of any incidents or injuries in the field involving this defect.

Lazer is replacing the recalled helmets with Blade+ and Magma+ versions, with a redesigned strap anchor.

Here is the recall notice on Lazer's site.

And here is the recall notice issued by CPSC more than three weeks later, on October 25.