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Volume 35, #3, September 25, 2017

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Pro-Tec has recalled their City Lite and Street Lite helmets

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported today that Pro-Tec has recalled their City Lite and Street Lite helmets.

The two models are similar, skate-style helmets with round smooth exteriors and large round vents. They have EPS liners and thin shells.

The recall was officially because "The buckle on the helmet fails to meet current federal safety standards, posing a risk of head injury. " As we reported in a previous Update, Consumer Reports had tested the two models and reported in January that they found failures of the strap anchors as well as the buckle. You can read their article here.

Despite the nine month delay since the article appeared, both helmets are still available today from Amazon and other online retailers.

Here is the official recall notice.

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