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The Helmet Update

Volume 35, #1, May 3, 2017

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Pro-Tec City Lite fails testing and
BHSI publishes dishwasher results

Consumer Reports Flunked Pro-Tec City Lite in January

Consumer Reports posted on January 17 a report that the Pro-Tec City Lite helmet had failed it's testing. The helmet is a classic Pro-Tec skate helmet, inmolded with a thin shell over EPS. The buckle on one sample broke in CR's testing, and on two others the strap pulled loose from the helmet body. The article says that Pro-Tec would be recalling the helmet, but there has been no recall in the interim, and the helmet is still on the market. If you can't see the article on the CR web page, you can use your print preview function to get past the pop-up box.

BHSI Publishes Final Dishwasher Test Results

We have posted our final writeup on the tests we conducted washing helmets in two dishwashers, with photos of some of the damage. Almost all of the helmets lost stickers (important for recalls) and fitting foam. Taped-on and glued-on shells warped and even separated completely. Even so, lab tests at Southern Impact Research Center showed that all of the most-affected helmets still passed the flat anvil CPSC impact test. We don't recommend washing a helmet in a dishwasher. Details and photos on our web page.

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