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Volume 34, #3, May 16, 2016

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Recall of Schwinn brand infant helmets with magnetic buckle

CPSC announced today the recall of Schwinn toddler helmets with magnetic buckles. Pacific Cycle imported the helmets, sold only at Target stores. Packaging has "No Pinch Buckle. Infant" and the helmet is shaped like an adult road helmet with vents.
The helmets have been recalled because:
"The magnetic buckle on the helmet's chin strap contains small plastic covers and magnets that can come loose, posing a risk of choking and magnet ingestion to young children."

The remedy: "Consumers should immediately take the helmets away from children and contact Pacific Cycle for instructions on how to receive a free replacement helmet. "

CPSC has been ordering recalls for many products that contain magnets that can come loose. When ingested by kids the magnets can cause catastrophic intestinal injuries.

The announcement is on the CPSC site.

Comment: This recall notice will have very low effectiveness because the consumer is directed to contact Schwinn/Pacific Cycle rather than just taking the helmet back to Target where they bought it.

If they are really serious about getting the helmets back, Target will use their database to contact the customers directly and tell them to bring the 129,000 helmets back to the store where they bought them. Their page on this recall just refers customers to the CPSC or Pacific Cycle pages.

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