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The Helmet Update

Volume 34, #2, April 13, 2016

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Recall of Rollerblade USA inline skating helmets

CPSC announced today the recall of Rollerblade USA Maxxum inline skate helmets. Some may be in use as bike helmets. The recalled model looks like a classic skate-style helmet with two rectangular front vents and an ABS hard shell.

The announcement is on the CPSC site.

"This recall involves black Rollerblade brand Maxxum helmets. "Rollerblade" is printed on the side of the helmet, a white inline skate logo is printed on the back of the helmet and a label on the inside of the helmet contains the model number "YJ-219" and production date of October 2014 or earlier. The SKU number 06520210100 is printed on the helmet's box.

The helmet's plastic shell can crack where the straps attach, causing the helmet to shift and move on the wearer's head. This can result in a head injury hazard to the user in the event of a fall."

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