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The Helmet Update

Volume 33, #2, May 1, 2015

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Consumer Reports 2015 Helmet Article

Consumer Reports has published its best report on bicycle helmets in recent years.

CU rated 23 models. They expanded their impact tests to add a low-level (2 foot) drop to the 6.5 foot CPSC standard drop. The results of the low-level testing did not change the relative scores. They gave excellent impact protection ratings to the Scott Arx Plus, Bontrager Circuit, Lazer Cyclone, Poc Trabec, Louis Garneau Sharp, Giro Reverb and Raskullz Mohawk. A Cannondale was rated as a Don't Buy Safety Risk after questionable buckle testing.

CU did a good job of discussing recent concussion concerns and the state of the art in helmet design. They dispensed with the MIPS technology claims in a very level-headed assessment.

The full report including ventilation ratings and more is in the June print edition and the ratings are available on the Web to subscribers.

We have a page up with more details.

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