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The Helmet Update

Volume 29, #4, October 19, 2011

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CPSC Database has a Helmet Case

The Consumer Product Safety Commission launched its new consumer complaints database earlier this year. The database now has one case involving an injured player and his lacrosse helmet. Reading through it evokes many of the advantages and drawbacks of the database. The parents of the injured child accused the manufacturer of being uninterested, but admit they never tried to contact them. The manufacturer presents evidence that they were concerned and acted quickly to find out more about the case, attempting to contact the parents and examine the helmet. The case is interesting once you get past the gory opening photo:

Database Under Attack

The database has been controversial with manufacturers. The two Republicans on the Commission tried to strip it of funding, but failed. Now a long-anticipated challenge has arisen from a manufacturer who is suing to prevent their product from being exposed. This article in the Washington Post has the few details available. The court case is currently sealed, so the name of the manufacturer and the product involved are not known yet.