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Volume 29, #1, January 3, 2011

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Helmets for 2011

We have posted Helmets for 2011.

It was not an exciting breakthrough year for helmet development, but the list of rounder, smoother helmets has increased to more than 65, not counting the skate-style bike helmets with tiny vents.

Interesting new models include:

    Kali has expanded its line of dual-density foam helmets to include some that use a unique interface between the layers that is not simply a flat line, but has teeth of lower density foam extending upward into the high density top layer. It buffers the change in density as your head crushes the first layer of foam and continues to begin crushing the second layer. Kali also thinks that it may permit some lateral displacement of energy in a crash.

    Several companies are now producing chunky "mountain style" helmets similar in shape to the Giro Xen, but with actual enhanced rear coverage. The first we saw three years ago was a Toby Henderson design, the "THE F-14." He followed that up with this year's "THE F-20," marred only by a useless rear spoiler that should be easily removable. Others now have similar models, including the Giant Realm, Fox Flux (with another useless spoiler), POC Trabec, Pro-Tec Cyphon and SixSixOne Recon. All are worth a look if you want a helmet with more rear coverage like a skate helmet, but big vents for bicycling.

There is, of course, lots more on our Helmets for the current season page.

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