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The Helmet Update

Volume 28, #4, June 16, 2010

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Bicycling Article on Helmets

Bicycling magazine has published an article on bike helmets headlined "Precious Protection" by Michael Frank and Matt Phillips.

This otherwise well-written article is marred by sensational opening lines that say "Bike helmets were designed to prevent catastrophic, life-threatening blows. But new research is finding that concussions could be as dangerous as splitting open your skull. And that brain bucket you own? It was never designed to prevent concussions."

If you read far enough down the page you find out that in fact current helmets are effective against concussion, but are just not optimized for that. And it should be obvious that splitting open your skull ends your life immediately, whereas a single concussion just impairs your thought processes. It appears that somebody was looking for a hook.

Beyond that, the article has some interesting info. It will be cited endlessly by helmet detractors as evidence that your current helmet is not all that it should be, but readers just have to exercise their judgment on that.

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