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Volume 25, #1 - January 10, 2007

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Helmets for 2007 and BHSI Wins Award

Summary: We have published our Helmets for 2007 article. Here is the intro and major headings. The full report is on our web page.

Helmets for 2007 - Introduction only

There are new helmets in 2007 that are worth a look if you are inclined to replace yours. There are some new models appearing with the rounder, smoother profile that we think is best for crashing, now called the "compact" shape. At least one of them was rated superior by Consumer Reports lab testing last year. Other than that there is no major technological advance that compels you to replace your current helmet.

Other headings in the full report:

  • We recommend looking for a helmet that:
  • Some Interesting New Models
  • Rounder, Smoother Helmets
  • Other interesting models worth a look
  • Value Helmets
  • New Features
  • Extra Large Helmets
  • Extra Small Helmets
  • Downhill Mountain Bike Racing Helmets
  • Chrono Time Trial Helmets
  • "Women-Specific" Designs
  • Skateboard helmets
  • Helmets for Rounder Heads
  • Outside the US
  • Prices
  • What We Did Not Find Again This Year
  • Helmets by Manufacturer

BHSI Wins an Award

ASTM has awarded BHSI's Randy Swart the William F. Hulse Memorial Award for his work on helmet standards. You can read about it in the ASTM press release.

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