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Volume 23, #3 - July 12, 2005

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Summary: Motorcyclist magazine has published an outstanding article on motorcycle helmets that should be interesting to bicyclists as well.

Motorcycle Magazine Publishes
Outstanding Helmet Article

The June issue of Motorcyclist magazine has the best consumer helmet article we have seen in years. It is available online without subscribing.

We recommend it highly even though it is not bicycle-specific. It has in-depth background on impact theory, helmet construction, brain physiology and more. The depth of research by author Dexter Ford is indicated by quotes from many of the gurus of the motorcycle helmet field, including Dave Thom of Collision and Injury Dynamics, who did the test lab work for the magazine. The writing is clear and accessible. We learned things.

This one is a good summer read on an airplane or at the beach, even for those whose primary interest is bicycle helmets.

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