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Volume 18, Issue 3e - January 18, 2000
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Two Helmet Innovations for 2000:

New Helmet Design Encourages Good Fit

Gina Gallant of Prince George, B.C., Canada has designed a new helmet with a novel and potentially useful innovation: it uses pressure switches inside and LED's to inform the wearer when it is fitted correctly. We believe that the concept of a helmet that gives active feedback on the accuracy of its fit is worth pursuing. Ms. Galant also hopes to instill in wearers an instinctive sense of what a well-fitted helmet feels like, encouraging them to adjust future helmets to achieve a similar good fit. We have a page up with her explanation of the concept.

Oakwood Directs Police to Educate
Cyclists and Encourage Helmet Use

The City of Oakwood, Ohio, has passed a Resolution directing its Police Department to use education and encouragement to promote helmet use among younger cyclists. Oakwood decided not to pass a town ordinance on helmets, but instead direct its police to conduct an education campaign and eventually begin "waving over" cyclists who are not wearing helmets to caution them and then invite them to an education program session at police headquarters. No fines or other deterrents are permissible as this is not an ordinance. The resolution is an innovative way to approach the question of promoting helmet use through local police. We have a web page up with a copy of the resolution.

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