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Short Helmet Standards Comparison

Summary: This chart comes from our Short Standards comparison. We also have a longer and much more detailed point by point helmet standards comparison.


Requirement CPSC ASTM F1447 Snell B90A Snell B95
Drop height on
flat anvil
2.0m 2.0m 2.2m 2.0m*
Drop height on
hemi anvil
1.2m 1.2m 1.3m 1.3m*
Drop height on
curbstone anvil
1.2 1.2 1.2 1.3
Drop rig mass
for impact tests
5kg 3.1 to 6.1kg 5kg 5kg
Total energy** 98 J 90 J 100 J 100 J
300 300 300 300
Coverage vs. CPSC Same Less Same More
Strap yank (Joules) 24 J 24 J 24 J 24 J***
Rolloff test Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Snell B-95 uses a more severe impact for initial certification than for follow-up performance testing,
2.2 for flat anvil and 1.5m for hemi and curbstone.

**adult test on medium headform, flat anvil. Certification
for Snell B95 is 110 J.

***Snell considers the B-95 strap jerk test to be roughly equivalent to the B-90A test, although parameters have changed.