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SEI on Vogue Helmets

Summary: This is old information. It applied to 1997, and possibly there are some of those helmets still in circulation, so we are leaving it up. Vogue, (now called UNA International) has informed us through a partner that they are a substantially different company in 2003 and that their current production meets all relevant standards.

From SEI_Headquarters@msn.com Fri, 30 May 1997

Date: Fri, 30 May 97

From: Patricia Gleason - SEI_Headquarters@msn.com

To: info@helmets.org

Subject: Vogue Corporation Article

May 30, 1997

Mr. Randy Swart
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
4611 Seventh Street South
Arlington, Va 22204

Dear Mr. Swart:

The Vogue Corporation is currently operating out of Hong Kong and offering bicycle helmets manufactured in Canton, China. Vogue is offering 24 different bicycle helmet models bearing fraudulent SEI certification labels. These helmets, although labeled SEI certified, have not been tested or certified.

Vogue is not a participant in the SEI Certification Program nor has their current product been tested by the SEI laboratory. When significant SEI efforts, over several months to correct the misrepresentations went unheated, Vogue's actions were reported to the U.S. Customs Service, CPSC, Department of Commerce, and the Federal Trade Commission.

SEI requests that the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute retract the portion of the article in The Helmet Update, May 1997 issue, which endorses Vogue products. SEI would appreciate the opportunity to review any statement BHSI issues on this subject.


Thomas G. Augherton


and our response:


Date: Sat, 31 May 1997

To: Patricia Gleason - SEI_Headquarters@msn.com

From: Randy Swart - info@helmets.org

Subject: Re: Vogue Corporation Article

Thanks for your message about Vogue helmets. I have posted it on our website as a warning to all.

I would like to clarify that we did not "endorse" Vogue's helmets in our newsletter, and do not endorse any manufacturer's product. What we said was:

"Our award for Smart Helmet Idea of the Year goes to the new and little-known Taiwanese helmet manufacturers who have introduced helmets made of PU (expanded polyurethane) foam at retail prices generally below $20, mostly certified to the tougher Snell B-95 standard. PU foam has fine and very uniform cells in well-foamed helmets, with a "skin" formed in the mold. The manufacturers include such names as Aerogo, Hoyama (Hoya), Jago, THH/Sunbeam Trading, VOC Vogue, United Royal Sports, Happy Way Enterprises and Great Group."

We have now added a sentence to the newsletter posted on our website saying:

"(NOTE: Vogue has been accused by SEI of claiming SEI certification on uncertified helmets!!)"

with a link from the words "accused by SEI" to a copy of your message.

I appreciated your letting us know about the problem.


Randy Swart
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

For the original article mentioning this company's helmets, see our Helmet Update of May, 1997.