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Bike Rider Education: for Starters

    • More than wearing a helmet,
    • More than just balance,
    • Learning survival rules!

Summary: Although we have helmets as our focus there is a lot more to bike safety than just protecting the head. It's much better not to crash at all! Here are some links to materials and sources of bike safety info that we recommend.

  • The League of American Bicyclists has bike education courses available from League Certified Instructors all over the US, and other materials.

  • PedBikeInfo site has course materials on educating riders.

  • Here's a page on how to determine if your child is ready to ride a bike.

    Here is a perceptive pamphlet on differences between children and adults in how they perceive traffic situations.

  • Here is our page on taking your toddler along.

  • Here is our page on college campus safety.

  • Here is our page with other materials for helmet and safety promotions.
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