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Helmet Patents

Summary: This is a sampling of helmet patents from the US Patent Office. We also give you a link to search the Patent Office database.

This is a sample list of helmet patents. We are not patent attorneys or even experienced searchers of the database, but this is an indication of the numerous patents that have been issued for helmet designs, and a place to start if you want to search. We don't understand why some of these patents were issued, since the "innovations" sometimes seem to us to be features we had seen years ago on other helmets.

Here is the link that will produce for you a more recent search list than the one we did to construct this page of samples. It links to you a search on helmets using the US Patent and Trademark Office website search engine. It produces hundreds of patents.

For additional references, see the links included in each patent to previous patents, or use the Patent Office search page link above.

The most recent patents we have checked on are listed first.

Note that to view the older patents, or the newer ones with their drawings or photos, you must download and install a special tiff file viewer that works with your Internet browser. Without the viewer you see only the text for newer patents, and nothing at all for the old ones. That may do for some purposes, but we find the drawings essential in most cases to understand the patents. Now you have to surf with Active-X enabled to see at least some of the illustrations.

Here is a link to a bicycle helmet patent search on Free Patents On Line. They have a decent search engine, but you have to log in to see .pdf's, and we did not.