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Our Links Policy

Summary: Efficient search engines have reduced the importance of links pages. We have tightened up our links policy and only include sites directly related to helmets. Please don't send us emails marketing pages you develop for clients. We do not respond to them.

Links can be useful, helping browsers find closely related info and helping pages climb in rank in the search engines. But most of the requests we are receiving now for reciprocal links are for pages that are not directly related to helmets.

Search engines like Google have reduced the need for the many links pages that were so helpful back before the turn of the century. We always appreciate a link on anyone's page, but we feel that most people who want helmet info just go to one of the search engines and type "helmet." We still maintain our links page to recommend sites with particularly helpful content on helmets and helmet promotion programs, but they are carefully evaluated links.

We are not linking now to most injury prevention or bicycle safety sites. They are just outside our narrow scope, and there are so many that we could not maintain a huge links page. If there is a direct and unique helmet angle we still consider a link, but in fact are adding very few.

If a suggested page is outside our scope, any message requesting a link will be deleted as spam without response. Linking to unrelated pages to increase your site traffic is a blatant attempt to interfere with the efficiency of search engines, and we believe that for the web to be useful for all, the search engines must be allowed to perform their function.

Please send us an email only if the link you are proposing meets the above guidelines. If you do not reference this page we will probably not respond to your email!

We do not respond to emails from web address brokers, people marketing pages they have constructed for clients or people offering to write new sponsored content for us.