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New Inventions in Bicycle Helmets

Summary: We are glad to hear from inventors with new ideas for improving bicycle helmets. We are always keenly interested, but no real discussion can begin until the invention has been patented. Most successful helmet introductions by startups are using Indiegogo or Kickstarter.

We are always pleased to hear that an inventor has a new idea for improving bicycle helmets. We have seen many of those ideas make it to the market eventually, and progress depends on improving helmet technology.

Our first contact with many inventors comes before they have applied for and received a patent. While we will always be generally encouraging to them, that is too early for us. Without knowing what the invention really is, we can't even comment on it. And we don't want to know what the inventor is patenting until the patent has been issued.

We have a page up on patents that are relevant to helmets. We are always looking for new ones to add, so if you have had one issued recently please let us know.

If you are marketing a new patented idea, we unfortunately do not have the ability to help in the process of bringing your new helmet development to market. We can report on new designs when they arrive, and give general encouragement for new products, but we do not have the engineering, patent or management skills to make a meaningful contribution to move a product along to the consumer. Our area of expertise just does not extend to the product development process. We rely on the market to accomplish that. We are interested in hearing about your innovation, but will not be able to provide advice on how to market it.

Most successful helmet introductions by startups are using Indiegogo or Kickstarter. We recommend a search to find them and see what how they are appealing to interested backers.

New technology for the helmet field is always of interest, but we are limited in our ability to assist the inventor.