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Head-Injured Survivors

Summary: Here are links to some of the people who have suffered head injuries and come back to write books or establish a website. Some have disappeared since we first posted this page.

Mike Heikes

Mike Heikes overcame his own head injury to found Helmets for Kids, an organization that has provided thousands of free helmets to kids in Minnesota where he lives and in South Dakota. He visits schools, speaks in assemblies to teach kids about the need for head protection and hands out helmets. Mike is available to travel to other states as well to put on programs. He is partially supported by local service clubs and other donations, but when we last talked to him in 2007 he was looking for other funding to pay off the debts he has incurred to keep doing his work.

HansonHouse Traumatic Brain Injury Clubhouse

A TBI Clubhouse is a supportive network of members and volunteers who participate in social, recreational and work-oriented programs for the purpose of using and developing practical and functional living skills. HansonHouse Traumatic Brain Injury Clubhouse will be the first and only program in Ohio based upon the true Clubhouse model of community re-entry for people with traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Diane

Info on brain injury concussion and strokes from Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler, who has herself recovered from a brain injury. We distributed copies of her book, Coping With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, to the members of the ASTM headgear committee. It supports our contention that sometimes brain injury is subtle, and may not even be diagnosed by a doctor, but still has serious quality of life effects and is painfully apparent to the victim's family. We think that bicycle helmet standards should be strengthened to require more protection from these milder forms of injury, not just the ones that are life-threatening.

Daniel Windheim

Daniel Windheim suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1979 and has been dealing with the consequences since then. He has written a book titled It's Not all Black and White about his journey.