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One cyclist's experience with the Giro Chronicle XL

Summary: One cyclist's experience with the Giro Chronicle XL.

I bought a new helmet in May 2019. None of your suggestions in my size range were available; appearing to have been discontinued.

My head is 25-1/2" (65cm) in circumference, size 8-1/2 U.S.

I finally found a Giro Chronicle XL. It fits my head perfectly with slightly less than 1/4" of fore-aft slack.
(Note: If a rider wants to fit this online, cut cardboard pieces iteratively until they fit your head and measure the fore/aft and side to side diameters of your head.)

The Giro Chronicle fits my head like no helmet in the 45 years I have owned bicycle helmets. This is a deep full coverage helmet that fits my head perfectly. It does not sit on top like a Laurel and Hardy / clown hat. There is adequate free side space to accommodate someone with a rounder head size than mine. I can fit my index finger in along my ear. My head is slightly less than 7" wide.

The Roc-Loc 5 Fit System is a ratcheting dial at the rear of the helmet that allows reduction in effective diameter. It has a height adjustment 5cm up the inside back of the helmet to fit different head shapes at skull base. The internal hard plastic circumferential strap is very thin, and perhaps somewhat delicate and hard to repair if broken.

The outside plastic shell is hard and stiff. Internal structural foam is less thick. Pads are very thin. There are no bright safety colors for the xl size, and I could only find the Chronicle in black.

The visor is strong enough to deflect only light branches from eyes. It is sufficient to block rain and oncoming headlights at night. I use a Third Eye Pro Helmet Bicycle Mirror.