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CPSC Meeting on Helmet Standard

January, 1998

Summary: Agenda for CPSC's meeting to finalize its bicycle helmet standard

CPSC Public Calendar
Vol. XXV No. 14
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Washington, D.C. 20207
January 14, 1998

Commission Agendas

Listed below are the agendas for the Commission meetings scheduled for the week of January 19, 1998. Circumstances sometimes require changes to the agenda prior to the meeting. For a recorded message concerning the latest agenda information call (301) 504-0709.

Commission Meeting
Room 420, East West Towers
4330 East West Highway
Bethesda, Maryland

Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1998
10:00 a.m.

Open to the Public

Bicycle Helmets

The staff will brief the Commission on options for a final safety standard for bicycle helmets.