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Documents on the CPSC Standard

Summary: We list below for historic interest the documents collected as the Consumer Product Safety Commission was developing its bicycle helmet standard.

  • The Law: CPSC's bicycle helmet standard which took effect March 10, 1999.
  • A letter modifying that standard with an interpretation.
  • The law that forced the Commission to develop a bicycle helmet standard.
  • The first draft standard.
  • The second draft.
  • CPSC's Supplementary Material for briefings on that draft.
  • A summary of changes in the second draft.
  • Our formal comments on the draft.
  • Our April, 1995, comments on what we thought it still needed
  • The CPSC notice implementing the interim standard
  • The third and final draft, approved on February 5, 1998.
  • Our comments on the final draft.
  • Three of our Update newsletters on the standard in early 1998.
  • A letter from CPSC on how they will enforce the standard.
  • A page about CPSC recall rules and enforcement penalties.
  • A report of serious legal consequences for a manufacturer ignoring a CPSC Rule.

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