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Bike Safety Comic Books

Summary: We know of a few bike safety comic books. Some you can order on paper in color, but they tend to be expensive. The popular Sprocketman comic is a free download from CPSC, and some pages could make a good coloring book even printed out in black and white.

The Sprocketman comic

Sprocketman is a comic created in 1975 by Louis Saekow when he was a student at Stanford. You can find it now as a free download from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission site. The .pdf file is in full color. Sprocketman cover

Stanford has the story of Sprocketman up. Their page includes background, slides for presentations, posters and two comic strips.

Captain Super Safe

A 16 page comic in .pdf format with a story of lost helmets solved by Captain Super Safe. If printed out in black and white it would make a good coloring book.