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How to Cite Our Pages

Summary: How to cite our pages for research papers.

If you are writing a paper or other scholarly publication and want to reference one of our pages, it may not be simple.

Web pages can be referenced with the URL for the page, but even though that web address may remain stable, and we use referral pages if an address changes, we may change the page minutes after you reference it!

Quoting our material in your paper saves the sentences you were referring to permanently, even if they are changed later. But long direct quotes may not be practical.

If you need backup documentation, saving the page or even making page printouts will at least record what the page said when you referenced it. We do not provide printouts of our pages, but you can easily print them out yourself.

If have a good reason to need a permanent record of many of our pages, please email us and we will send you a CD with our entire website on it.

You can find old versions of this site on the Wayback Machine Internet Archive at archive.org. They started downloading our site in 1998.

We include author information for any material that is not our own.

We don't identify an author for our own pages, and anyone checking your references will not find one either. We suggest that you use Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute as the author, and the revision date at the bottom of each page as the date. A reference checker will be able to verify your citations, and if they see a more recent date will then know the reason why anything you cited might have changed.