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Projected BHSI Expenditures for Calendar Year 2024

Summary: Our budget for 2024. We spend 100% on program expenses, nothing on administration and nothing on fundraising.

Note: Likely to be revised as the year progresses.
Postage and FedEx                    $800
Printing & Copying                    100
Communications:                       600    
Travel:                             6,000
   ASTM meetings
   Eurobike trade show
   Other meetings
Dues, Fees and Subscriptions          600
        Bike Summit
Program supplies and equip.          2,000

Helmet testing/lab services         12,000    
              Total                $22,100 

Note: this budget projection is always prepared in December of the preceding year. It is based on expected (hoped for!) donations to support our work, so it is adjusted during the year if the level of donations is higher or lower than expected.

Here is a description of the program these funds will support.