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Awards and Ratings

Summary: Back in the day, various programs gave awards for good web pages. We were happy to receive the ones below. Only one is current era. The first two awards are to BHSI staff.

ASTM's Award of Merit

BHSI's Randy Swart was awarded the ASTM Award of Merit in 2014. The citation read in part: "Your extensive knowledge and commitment to excellence in standards development have had a major impact in your field and have made ASTM International a technical leader in today's global business world."

There is more about the award on this page from the ASTM site.

ASTM's William F. Hulse Memorial Award

BHSI's Randy Swart was awarded the William F. Hulse Memorial Award in November, 2006 for his work on ASTM's F8.53 helmet standards committee.

ASTM award photo From left: F8 Committee Chairman Martyn Shorten, Randy and his wife, Barbara Swart.

There is more about the award on this page from the ASTM site.

The rest are all very old awards!

We rated ok for all ages with the Internet Content Rating Association

ICRA logo

We are also listed on the CyberYES List by Cyber Patrol

Cyber Patrol Logo

We're pleased to be picked as a Selected Site by Eye on the Web!

Eowssa logo

We were rated Three Stars by Law Enforcement Links

Law Enforcement Links logo

And we were delighted to receive the NetMom Slice o' Pie!

NetMom Pie Slice

We were pleased to be featured for a day by The Copernicus Education Gateway Copernicus Ed. Gate

In December, 1999, and February, 2001 we were included in Web Feet Web Feet

In January, 2001 we received the Smokin' Site Award
from the Tennessee Fire Prevention Association.

Smokin' Safe We love their logo!