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Bicycle Helmet Poster Contest Flyer

Summary: Here is a sample flyer for a poster contest.

Poster Contest

(scattered about the page:)

Dilly Bars! Pizzas! Whoppers! Water Slide Passes! Slurpees! Free Bowling! Movie Passes! Helmets!

Be one of the many ______________(school) students to win one of the 200 prizes to be given away in the bicycle safety/bicycle helmet contest.

Do a collage, write a poem, do a drawing, express your ideas on bicycle safety and the advantages of wearing a bike helmet. Use your creativity!

All of the posters will be hung at the school for one week. After that, many of them will be displayed in the windows of local merchants. So gather up your thoughts on bicycle safety and helmets, and express them in your own art form.

First place winners will receive a prize and a free bicycle helmet with your choice of colors. Posters will be judged by grade level. One helmet per grade level will be awarded. The other 194 prizes will be awarded by grade level also.

Posters displaying the prizes are located outside the office, in the LLC and the margins of this page. Helmets are on display at the LLC.

Due date: Friday, May 10th. Return to your teacher. All work must be done on or attached to poster board.

Use your imagination and win a prize!

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