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Coloring Page for Preschoolers

Coloring page

The best format for printing the illustration out is either this .pdf file, or this Word file if your system will accept it. It covers the whole page and has a caption below the graphic that says "Ride Safely and Wear Your Helmet!"

You can print out this page as is with your browser's print command. To print just the illustration (probably won't be full page), use this link to see the .gif file alone, and print it out. (Some browsers will hiccup, so you will have to see the instruction that follow for saving the file.)

To download the file to your own computer for printing it out, right click on the illustration and choose Save Picture As, saving the .gif file to your hard drive or a floppy. Then open a new document in Word or another word processor, and use "Insert-Picture-From File" or the equivalent commands to put the .gif in a document you can print out. For the .pdf file you can save the same way.

We have more helmet materials on our Teachers page and instructions for requesting our free Toolkit. The coloring page in three formats is included on the disk we send in the Toolkit.

Bike Texas has a nice coloring and activities book that you can purchase from them for about $.75 per copy plus shipping. There are sample pages on the website.

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