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Bike Magazine2003 Helmet Article

Summary: Bike Magazine published a short review of four helmets in its April 2003 issue.

The article covers the Bell X-Ray, Briko Twinner, Giro Xen and Specialized Telluride.

Top marks for ventilation went to the Telluride, followed by the X-Ray, Xen and Twinner. The X-Ray scored highest for comfort, followed by the Telluride, Zen and Twinner. For retention, the marks were identical for all but the lower-rated X-Ray.

All four helmets carry the CPSC sticker, with the manufacturer certifying that they meet the CPSC bicycle helmet standard for impact. Bike did not do any impact testing.

You may be able to find the article on the Bike Magazine website. It was in the Gearhead section, and titled Head Shop. It is complete with photos of the helmets, prices, weights and an overall rating score.