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"30% of all car/bike crashes involving kids under 15 occur when children run a stop sign or stop light."

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The Ride Safe Take Home Bicycle Rodeo Guide

The Ride Safe Take Home Bicycle Rodeo was designed to assist you in promoting bicycle safety. A typical Bicycle rodeo tests specific riding skills on a designated course. we have taken some of the most important lessons of the Bicycle Rodeo and redesigned them so the rodeo can be conducted at home by a parent and child. We feel this approach can be effective because parents will be taking an active role in teaching their children bicycle safety and can reinforce these lessons every day.

The Rodeo Guide is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 is a step by step explanation of the mechanics of conducting the take home rodeo.
  • Part 2 contains the actual take home rodeo lessons.
  • Part 3 contains sample letters, awards, statistics and other information to assist you with your efforts.

The five lessons in Part 2 of The Ride Safe Take Home Bicycle Rodeo are designed to be copied directly from this guide. Each lesson contains four parts:

  • Parents' Instructions: Directions for completing the particular lesson.
  • Lesson Background: Information/background statistics explaining why the particular lesson is important.
  • Parent/Child Activity: A brief activity for parents and children to perform together that reinforces the safety lesson.
  • Activity: Kindergarten - Third Grade or Fourth - Sixth Grade A short, age appropriate activity for children to perform on their own to further reinforce the lesson.

We hope you enjoy conducting The Ride Safe Take home Bicycle Rodeo. we feel that teaching children these five important bicycle safety lessons will help them learn at an early age how to ride safely.

Please note: The Ride Safe Take Home Bicycle Rodeo should not be considered a substitute for a complete traffic education curriculum. As with any subject, children learn best through age-appropriate lessons taught by instructors who understand their developmental capabilities. Children need to practice new skills and repeat and expand upon them year after year.

© Copyright 1996, Ride Safe, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Ride Safe is no longer in business. We are grateful that they have given us permission to distribute copies of this rodeo instruction package. - Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute - February, 2001

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