Draft Minutes: ANSI Z90 Helmet Committees Meeting

Hyatt Regency, Denver CO
May 17, 1995

C. Ewing called the meeting to order at 9:00 am. There were twenty-one present. (See attached attendance sheet.)

R. Swart discussed developments between ANSI and ASTM. On May 8, 1995 ANSI credited ASTM as a group that can submit standards for ANSI acceptance. This mechanism could allow ANSI to adopt ASTM 1447-94 as the ANSI Z90.4 standard for bicycle helmets.

A discussion of the current state of the ANSI Z90.4 bicycle helmet standard followed, ie; ANSI Z90.4-1984 has been withdrawn by ANSI. At the previous meeting in April, those present agreed that it was necessary to reintroduce a new ANSI Z90.4 standard as quickly as possible. Furthermore, although the Z90 committee could resubmit the text of AN81 Z90.4-1984 for acceptance as the new ANSI Z90.4 standard, the committee had determined instead to harmonize the next ANSI bicycle helmet standard with the current ASTM 1447-1994.

Those present at the previous meeting chose two simultaneous courses to achieve this harmonization: drafting a standard that would effectively duplicate the requirements of the ASTM standard and, at the same time, determine whether the ASTM 1447-1994 could be adopted directly through ANSI/ASTM cooperation. The second course, if possible, would be preferable. However, the first course would produce the same result eventually.

A discussion followed concerning the merits of adopting the ASTM standard versus continuing ANSI development.

A discussion followed concerning the downside to dropping ANSI bicycle helmet standards activity altogether.

A discussion followed concerning committee membership. It was moved and seconded that all present be accepted as committee members with one vote allowed to each organization represented.

11 for, 0 opposed, 0 abstaining.

D. Thom moved and T. Parks seconded to continue the ANSI Z90.4 activity.

13 for, 0 opposed, 0 abstaining

J. Sundahl moved that the committee accept ASTM 1447-1994 as ANSI Z90.4. A discussion of the ramifications of ANSI/ASTM cooperation followed. The motion was modified to: Move that the committee accept the ASTM 1447-1994 as ANSI Z90.4 through the mechanism of the ANSI/ASTM agreement of May 8, 1995 as discussed earlier and that the standard be formatted according to ANSI practice. Moved and seconded.

11 for, I opposed and 0 abstaining.

D. Thom questioned whether there was any problem identified with ANSI.Z90,4-1984 that would justify replacing it with more stringent requirements. A discussion followed concerning whether available epidemiological data is sufficient to determine that one standard is superior to another. However, epidemiological considerations are not the only evidence. It was proposed that technical considerations indicate that helmets currently available are more protective than Z90.4-1984 requires. By increasing the requirements for Z90.4, the committee would remove the ANSI aegis from helmets that could be substantially less protective than those commonly available.

The negative to the previous motion was withdrawn.

W. Chilcott described helmet material studies currently in progress.

The previous motion was reballoted.

13 for, 0 opposed, 0 abstaining.

D. Fisher raised the question of the United States Cycling Federation's needs particularly regarding helmets for velodrome racing. Will current headgear used by velodrome racers meet the proposed new ANSI Z90.4? If not, can USCF make some accommodation.

L. Earnest advised that USCF does not distinguish between the needs of velodrome racers and other cyclists.

It was concluded that E. Becker will work with R. Swart to investigate and mobilize the ANSI/ASTM mechanism to adopt ASTM F1447-94 as ANSI Z90.4.

D. Fisher added [sic] that a series of letters be sent to all committee members and that a response be required from those not present or their names be dropped from the rosters.

J. Lambert raised a series of questions:

Moved and seconded that the meeting adjourn. None opposed. Respectfully submitted.

[Ed Becker, Snell Foundation]
[Ed notes that these minutes will be labeled "draft" until approved by the next ANSI Z90.4 committee meeting.]

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